About us

The Drop Guard Story

Let’s start with Drop Guard’s birthplace: Our company Bright Solutions GmbH in Darmstadt, Germany, develops individual web applications and mobile apps for more than nine years focusing on supporting the efficiency and innovation capabilities of our client’s business. The need to create Drop Guard was a direct result of our growth and the increased number of Drupal support projects.  We found our growth become limited as every software update (which is the basis for every successful Drupal project) had to be done manually.

​In order to fulfill our service level agreements, every release of a new update had to be recognized and realized just in time - it was just pathetic! We started to develop a tool which assumed this annoying process in a much more reliable way than we could achieve. 

​This was the birth of our new team member Drop Guard. In 2014, “Drupalgeddon” confirmed our opinion, that our reliable update automation service is needful for a much larger community. Great times at DrupalCons, DrupalCamps, and other MeetUps followed, Drop Guard won more and more friends and supporters. And this was just the beginning of the story. We started a great mission, and we’re looking forward to new ways to improve our vision!

Meet our Contact Service Team

Just reach out for us at info@drop-guard.net!

We three below are the contact persons of your Drop Guard Support team of about . Wherever the Drupal-update-shoe pinches, we're right there to help you and your team! Our support is built by three Drupal Security enthusiasts:


Manuel Pistner​The Founder

​Hello, I’m Manuel. I’m the Founder and CEO of Bright Solutions. My primary ambition is to satisfy the needs of our customers by ensuring that their projects are successful. For this we need reliable and efficient processes. Drop Guard and its update automation is one great tool that truly supports our mission! Me and my team already demonstrated in diverse projects that targeted digitization value creation in SMEs can increase significantly. Don't hesitate to contact me to talk about your projects or ideas: manuel@drop-guard.net!


Johanna Anthes

​The Public Voice

​My name is Johanna. Promoting our tool Drop Guard with all my heart and support our customers - that’s my business! Besides I study marketing communications and PR . Contact me for any questions around Drop Guard: johanna@drop-guard.net



Igor KandybaAlexey BeloglazovDima Iluschenko

The Developer Team

​Hi, here are Igor, Alexey and Dima. We're the skilled craftsmen for technical questions. We ensure the implementation of best practices, fascinated by the great potential of Drupal. With us, the Drop Guard development is in good and motivated hands! You can reach out for any technical question via support@drop-guard.net or join our slack channel!



Bright Solutions

​​Bright Solutions GmbH is a company developing Drupal and mobile app based business applications situated in Darmstadt, Germany. From concept to design and implementation to long-term and sustainable management of web and mobile software projects, it offers a complete service. Bright Solutions serves a very future-oriented market with Mobile Apps for the iPhone and Android-based mobile devices, combined with modern web solutions based on the open-source framework Drupal. Bright Solutions is an Acquia Partner, an international network of certified Drupal agencies and member of the Drupal Association.