3 business benefits - achieved by using Drop Guard

Rock your business with Update Automation and get started!

After a month of Drop Guard's closed beta we aggregated the most important business benefits from our beta testers. We want to share those benefits with you: 

1. Focus your capacity

As a manager of a company one of your main activities is to keep away distractions from your team. You will try to create an environment where your team can focus on their working time and their strengths. So how does Drop Guard help you here?
Drop Guard will monitor your websites for new updates. The configuration is very flexible so you can adapt Drop Guard to your workflow easily. What will happen, when you read that there is a new security update for Drupal? You can call your customer and tell them that their site is up to date. Automatically. And what will happen to your team? They will be glad because they don't need to quit their current focus and switch to updating all your client sites. You will save time and money and you will relieve your team. 
Drop Guard will even take care about the patches that might be a part of your project's modules. The developer does not need to check all the patched modules to update the website. Those patches will be detected by Drop Guard and they will be reapplied after the update automatically.

2. Create sustainable monthly revenue

Customers still need support after a project has been released. You could offer an ongoing user support or continuous update support with a SLA for security updates. Sometimes, those security updates need to be applied very quickly so you'll need someone who monitors those sites and their available updates all arround the clock - even at the weekend. By using Drop Guard it's possible to sell this SLA service without the need to monitor those sites by developers. The updates will be processed automatically in a short time. It will help you scaling your business and keep sales fluctuations away from your business by adding monthly recurring revenue.

3. Improve the satisfaction of your customer - and your team

Drop Guard helps your support team to keep your websites updated and secure. It will grow your monthly recurring revenue and your development team can focus on more important tasks in your complex projects. If updates are available there won't be a need to say "Our developer will take care of it when they are free" - you'll say "Drop Guard will take care of it, automatically".

We're intrested in every critical input around the topic "can Automatic Updates improve the Drupal ecosystem?". We'd like to have a constuctive conversation about these three topics: 

  1. Create a monthly recurring revenue with Drupal update services
  2. Optimize the customer relationship by fast and uncomplicated updates
  3. Save time so that your team can focus on important project work

We're looking forward to your feedback! Contact

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