90 sec interview with Sven Culley - Maintaining Drupal sites responsibly

Sven Culley

Sven Culley is a professional Drupal expert in Germany. He provides Drupal development and maintenance services for his clients. Sven takes a huge responsibility for every site as he needs to care about security, updates and hassle-free operation. Sven will tell us in this short interview, how he organized his work between development and maintenance tasks and how he wins the trust of his clients.

Spot on Sven Culley

Sven, we want to know how you run your Drupal business and provide maintenance services to your clients. Your answers will be used to present your reliable drupal shop in our Drop Guard Blog and to show others how you care about your client's site security.

When and why did you join the Drupal community?

I joined the Drupal community in 2008 based on my job at that time within a web agency as a PHP developer. The agencies main CMS was Drupal.

How did Drupalgeddon impact your business and how are you prepared next time?

Well, never before a security update with risk level 25 was released before so we had to react quickly and inform our customers about the new release which stopped any kind of work.

What led you to start using Drop Guard for your update processes?

Within seven years of Drupal development and customer support we have a lot of projects to support. For our first projects updates where processed manually to each project but of course the time increased based on the amount of projects. Therefore we needed a generic solution for all projects.

How much time did you spend on updates before using Drop Guard and how much with drop guard?

Based on the current amount of projects it took days to process all updates manually and this work won't stop. With Drop Guard you spend time for the creating of workflows and after that everything is done automatically.

How do your clients benefit from Drop Guard?

Faster deployment of updates and less security risks.

How does your business benefit from Drop Guard?

Total automation from applying updates to test and deployment. In the end a lot more time to develop and not for applying updates.

Some words about Drupal 8. Please complete the sentence "Drupal 8 will change the world because ..."

It is the next major step to global experience for everyone.

Please leave some information about you and your business here.

Sense-design specializes in Drupal and supports customers in development, hosting and project management.

Thank you for your time and answers! 


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