Feature close-up: Time schedule of actions

A successful day can be interrupted uncomfortably by recently released updates. Some of us process updates immediately, others wait for their client’s or manager’s feedback and some teams schedule them regularly on a specific day. So, when it comes to update automation with Drop Guard, our users should be able to apply their current schedule workflow as well.
To cover these individual schedule needs, we provide the “Time schedule of actions” feature on the “Events” tab of your project’s config setting site.
Within this post, you will learn how to benefit from this feature.


Feature close-up: Multi-User - Invite your team to Drop Guard!

We happily announce our Multi-User - Invitations feature! Our users needed an option to add more team members with tailored access rights for a specific project. 
So we created the “Invitations” section in our menu bar on the left. By entering this page, you will be able to invite other team members or view the invitation for yourself.
You can assign specific projects to a team member, be it developer, support manager or project manager; as well as you can give your customer read access to the customer’s project without exposing your other projects. This access policy feature provides new possibilities for an open and understandable workflow with Drop Guard. 

Feature close-up: Modules overview - get detailed information about all modules

What modules do I use? How often are they used in my project? In which projects? Which version exists? Is it the same version as on drupal.org? Might a specific module be a threat for my project(s)?
These and many more questions will be answered within one click on our “Modules overview page” on the left in the menu bar. Check out this short post to learn more about our new feature!
Among other reasons, this feature was requested by our users as they also want to track whether a module is quite relevant for a project or less critical within an update process.

We said "yes"! Our founding of App Guard GmbH

What happened? 

We founded an independent update automation company, including the Drop Guard Drupal update service! Learn more about the App Guard GmbH journey so far in this announcement post.

But first, where do we come from? 

Drop Guard was built by the German Drupal company Bright Solutions in 2014 after the idea was born to optimize the internal update process as much as possible - no more wasted time on updates, no fear of Drupalgeddon, no annoying update tasks. 
The platform service was optimized and adapted continuously besides other projects of the company, until Manuel Pistner, CEO of Bright Solutions, decided to form a team for this project, that already counted important customers. 

CeBit - we celebrated AppGuard’s MVP!

We attended the CeBit 2018 in Hanover, Germany, for the first time last week!
But this time we presented our newest extension of update automation management: AppGuard
Besides Drop Guard for Drupal update automation, we also want to provide a SaaS for everyone who uses package and dependency managers like npm, Composer, Yarn, Bundler and more. And we couldn’t believe the great feedback!

CeBit - we rock update automation!

We will be part of the great Innovation and Digitalization Business Festival “CEBIT” next week in Hanover, Germany.

Max, Joe and I will attend this fair which will welcome over 300.000 attendees, looking forward to great talks and meetups.


You can meet us at our booth C30/6 in Hall 027, where we will talk about update automation for dependency and package manager files. Besides Drop Guard, our Drupal update automation platform, we are presenting our next smart tool for you to automate your update pipelines beyond Drupal-based systems.


How you can handle your patches easily - Drop Guard recipe

Update automation sounds nice as long as you don’t think about your (heavily) patched Drupal project, right?
In this “recipe” I will explain how Drop Guard handles custom patches within a fully or partly automated update process.

1. Update release

An update got released on Drupal.org. Only a few minutes later, Drop Guard detects the update release information, such as update type and version.