goes Drop Guard: for developers, for security has a full integration into Drop Guard

2nd May 2016:  just launched their Drupal hosting platform built for develeopers, which has a full integration into Drop Guard. And that’s when our common story started.

The Amazee team just dedicate themselves to the Drupal world: “We’re a secure, high-performance, cloud-based hosting solution built for folks who love their Drupal sites as much as we do”. was created by Amazee Labs, a leading international Drupal service group, and provides hosting for numerous small and large-scale websites across the globe. Competitive prices for sites of every size, fully-automated deployments support and a local development environment that’s fully congruent with the production environment - that’s how the whole team boosts your Drupal business.

Drop Guard's finger in this pie

Drupal Sites need to be kept secure, but checking and upgrading Drupal can be painfully a lengthy process. That’s why Amazee was looking for a reliable and continuous way to secure their own and client’s websites. The Amazee team is convinced: Drop Guard takes over this hassle and makes the experience painless. It can work with any Git Repository and is perfectly in-synch with We cite: “Secure Websites for the win”.

Drop Guard is fully prepared to work in conjunction with platform by providing flexible update behaviours configuration, being able to use any Git hosting provider, and execute SSH commands. We are working on a more robust API to allow and Drop Guard users to manage tasks and tickets in the most popular project management systems (just imagine how cool it is if Drop Guard could create a ticket to update a module, process it, and close the ticket when the updates are deployed); and also to be able to update Drop Guard tasks statuses from the external systems.


Stay tuned for updates, as users will be able to benefit from special offers and discounts when keeping their websites secure and updated with Drop Guard. More to come!

Have a look: Interview with Michael Schmid, Group CTO at Amazee, about their thoughts and motivations.


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