We said "yes"! Our founding of App Guard GmbH

Manuel, Max, Joe & Johanna - founder of App Guard GmbH

What happened? 

We founded an independent update automation company, including the Drop Guard Drupal update service! Learn more about the App Guard GmbH journey so far in this announcement post.

But first, where do we come from? 

Drop Guard was built by the German Drupal company Bright Solutions in 2014 after the idea was born to optimize the internal update process as much as possible - no more wasted time on updates, no fear of Drupalgeddon, no annoying update tasks. 
The platform service was optimized and adapted continuously besides other projects of the company, until Manuel Pistner, CEO of Bright Solutions, decided to form a team for this project, that already counted important customers. 
After that, it was just a matter of time until we decided to separate all resources from the Drupal company and found the App Guard GmbH!
Johannes Noll, who we call Joe, is the CEO of the new company, Max Madl as CTO is responsible for the technical management. Manuel Pistner supports us as an independent business consultant and I’m looking forward to boost the marketing and user experience management of App Guard GmbH. Alexey Beloglazov is our expert for all development related requests and implementations, for Drop Guard as well as for AppGuard.
With this core team of 5, we’re here to master this update automation vision!

And what is AppGuard? What will happen with Drop Guard?

AppGuard” as a product will be the next automated update solution for package and dependency managers such as npm, Composer, Bundler, and Yarn. You can already sign up as a beta tester for the AppGuard MVP this year.
Drop Guard will be our Drupal specific solution for Drupal update automation management to ensure that the individual and special requirements for that open source CMS are respected.
If you have questions about these products or about the roadmap, you can always reach out to us
We’re looking forward to enjoy this update journey with you, stay tuned for the next announcements :-)


Manuel, Max, Joe & Johanna - founder of App Guard GmbH