CeBit - we celebrated AppGuard’s MVP!

Johanna enjoys her first CeBit
We attended the CeBit 2018 in Hanover, Germany, for the first time last week!
But this time we presented our newest extension of update automation management: AppGuard
Besides Drop Guard for Drupal update automation, we also want to provide a SaaS for everyone who uses package and dependency managers like npm, Composer, Yarn, Bundler and more. And we couldn’t believe the great feedback!
As pilot event, the CeBit confirmed Max, Johanna and Joe as co-founder team that a centralizing and optimizing platform like AppGuard is interesting for developers of a midsize software company as well as for managers of a major corporation - because nearly every company has to do updates and everyone wants to save resources such as time, money and personnel.


visitors are happy with our integration

On the first day, we had over 50 visitors at our booth in the scale11 / startup area in hall 27. We even met some people who use Drupal - it felt like a secret DrupalCon then.
Everyone was interested, how they can adapt their own CI/CD tools, workflows, or testing tools individually. Most of our visitors were using JIRA and especially the (project) managers were happy about that integration with the new tool.
As a recently-founded startup, we attended a lot of innovative and communicative meetups. It’s amazing, what people create and develop!

our booth in hall 27


We joined the “Traditional Investors” Pitch stage on Thursday afternoon, where Joe talked about AppGuard as a product, it’s market size, our business model, and competitive advantages. Afterward, we were asked for more information about our plans, milestones and detailed product information, which lead to great discussions and connections.


Joe held our startup pitch


Let’s break AppGuard’s process into 3 steps:

AppGuard process in 3 steps

AppGuard can be tested as an MVP right now. If you want to be part of the first tester group, just contact us.

In general, the CeBit was a successful fair, which we will attend again next year. We enjoyed new contacts, great booths, and products, fancy festival events such as artists like Mando Diao or Jan Delay and more. Of course, the CeBit concept changed - in this case, we benefit from it. Let’s see what I might bring next year!


Do you want to learn more about AppGuard and it’s beta testing option? We’re looking forward to hear from you!