Guest post: Data Security at the workplace — an infographic

Data Security at the workplace - an infographic

We want to thank Tim Wayne from UAB Collat School of Business for the following security guest post!

Despite the news of security exploits and data breaches that shakes our confidence in information security on a daily basis, one of the biggest threats to security at work continues to be carelessness — at least according to the majority of business owners and managers as illustrated in the graphic below.

However, even senior managers and business owners are prone to making thoughtless mistakes. More than half of business stakeholders surveyed admit to mishandling work data by accidentally sending sensitive information to the wrong personnel, reusing passwords, using personal accounts to store work-related documents, and otherwise not properly storing and handling files.

Mistakes such as these, coupled with the increasing popularity of bring-your-own-device policies, could spell disaster for businesses that lack a plan for responding to data breaches. But despite these concerns, around 33 percent of companies do not have a formal plan for such security incidents. Businesses of every size can be made vulnerable when management does not train employees on best practices in data security, and create and enforce data regulations.

With the infographic below created by the UAB Collat School of Business, learn more about the security mistakes that we're most likely to make at work, the numbers illustrating how these practices are affecting businesses, and suggestions moving forward for managers who want to better safeguard crucial work data.

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