It's been a pleasure! #DrupalConDublin

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Dublin, 27. Sept. 2016. “Describe the DrupalCon in just one word!” - “EXCITING!”

First of all, I want to thank everyone who made my first DrupalCon this awesome and extra special!

Our whole team enjoyed a week full of new experiences, great sessions and - of course - old and new friends! The place, Dublin, was perfect to “seal” a new friendship or strengthen an old one with a good morning coffee (thanks to Commerce Guys by actualys and Mailchimp, the two coffee break sponsors!) or a good cold Guinness (I tried to remember the bar names, but actually I guess I sealed a lot of new friendships..).


our Drop Guard team

Some of you asked us for a t-shirt - just contact me via and get your free Drop Guard Shirt :) 

It was the second DrupalCon for our special team member Drop Guard and we can tell that “he” enjoyed it as well, especially the attention from all the companies who see a lot of value in including update automation by Drop Guard into their own workflow and security process. Manuel, our CEO, had a session together with Michael Schmid, CTO at the Amazee Group, about how to survive the weekly “Mini-Drupalgeddon” - a presentation about how Drop Guard and a hosting platform like can work hand in hand (enjoy the video below, click here for the slides).



We received great and constructive feedback and suggestions, which confirms us that we are just on the right track - you are a gorgeous community, thank you guys! We enjoyed the fact that a lot of you just started right away with a login and took the first steps already in Dublin. We are looking forward to see all of you in Vienna!

A lot of people asked us, which features can be expected anytime soon; so we will announce our release schedule within the next few weeks, stay tuned!


I want to finish this post with this comment by Igor, our Lead Developer, who just wrote me this great text as a feedback:

The Drupalcon Dublin was probably the most fruitful Con out of the last five at least. Which is funny, as it was the only one where I haven’t attended any single session (watching all of them now on YouTube), and visited zero BoFs. So you may wonder - what the heck this poor guy was doing there in the first place!

The answer is simple - being in charge of the Drupalcon Sponsor booth is not an easy challenge, but one of the best things that could even happen with a Drupaler. Just imagine - you don’t have to wonder around the Exhibit Hall and venue looking for new contacts, friends, swag, technologies - all of them somehow reach you where you are, all the time. How cool is that!

On a serious note, though, I'm thrilled about the event, as everything - starting from the venue, sessions content, even food - was brought to a completely new unbeatable level, never seen before on Drupalcons in Europe. It was a great honour to be in Dublin, and this said I'm ready to pack my bags for Baltimore and Vienna!


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