Drop Guard celebrates full Drupal 8 support

Drop Guard supports Drupal 8!

Drop Guard - your service for automated Drupal updates, just announced its full support of Drupal 8. This includes the Drop Guard service, client module and our friendly support, of course!
In case you’re up and running with latest and greatest Drupal release (or if you're just a Drupal and Drop Guard enthusiast), you'll enjoy this update support for your D8 projects.

You'll find a very short survey below. Your participation will help us to keep on rocking our Drop Guard optimization, so thank you very much in advance!

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Also we want to figure out how D8 affects Drupal users thoughts and feelings about the new release and its security. Feel free to exchange your thoughts on Drupal 8 and its security, especially if you felt more safe with Drupal 7 than with D8.
Give feedback to info@drop-guard.net or in our slack channel dropguard slack (join it at the bottom of the formular). We welcome any type of feedback; so feel free to contact us any time you have questions, we look forward to your response! 


Thank you for considering Drop Guard as your Drupal update automation service.