What’s on the Drop Guard roadmap this month? A forecast

Drop Guard on its way to the next version level

Drop Guard is in a continuous process of optimization and development. As it is still a unique platform concept on the market place, we started years ago with a sketchy blueprint of what Drop Guard is today - and rather will be in future. With this post I will give you a quick overview of what is planned and something which is a little secret between you and me.


1. Did you know that…

… you won’t need to configure everything via the platform UI of Drop Guard in the future version? The configuration will be versioned in GIT as JSON files. Also, it will be possible to clone projects and settings - just as Serkan, a web developer in our company Bright Solutions, mentioned in our latest blog post “Setting up Drop Guard as a bigger agency - an experience report”: For agencies it’s a huge help and benefit if they want to set up a lot of projects, so they won’t need to spend the same time on the same steps over and over again.


2. A feast for the eyes - visual regression testing

In near future, we will implement visual regression testing as well. Besides other planned test automations, visual regression testing is the most obvious first step of this integration row, as our users and to a greater degree their clients will feel failed updates on the frontend extra bothering. Currently, the first draft of the concept is done, but we will give you all information within the next post episode where we will introduce you the beginning of this feature and our partner for it. Stay tuned!


3. Open source projects - continuously secured (?) - a secret survey

As part of a study survey, we’ve sent a survey to some selected contacts, in which we asked for typical security behavior in open source projects. After we received huge interest in informing the attendees about the results and resulting steps of this survey, we decided to share it with our whole contact register and finally here with you, too. This survey is about the security impact of continuous security update mechanism as part of a continuous deployment workflow in open source based software projects.


Be part of our survey: https://goo.gl/forms/pv7uHDcfhDJ3qEZO2

The results of the survey will be presented within the next month.

Question, suggestions, feedback? Yes? Goood - write me at  johanna@drop-guard.net, I’m looking forward to hear from you.