DrupalCon's 5 top DevOps & Automation sessions

DrupalCon Vienna is calling!

With the end of September, DrupalCon Vienna is also coming closer and we can't wait to welcome you to our booth #S08. As a Silver sponsor of the event, we'll have the chance to present continuous update management to you on site. But - we also can't wait to learn a lot from other agencies and attendees! At DrupalCon there's always a chance to learn something new, be it a whole new approach or a connecting piece of unidentified issues - by asking but most of all by listening.


We want to share 5 DevOps & automation related sessions we want to listen to with you. Be on the look-out for us there!

We start with the first automation related session on Tuesday: Automated Testing 101 by   Zequi Vázquez (rabbitlair), who's a Developer at Lullabot. This session will give us a nice overview about the most useful tools  & best practices to ensure a high quality automated testing process all aspects of a Drupal project

The second session will be held after lunch at the same day. It's Test Automation for Drupal 8 in Mobile Devices and Tablets from Anastasios Daskalopoulos, Test Engineer at Exove. We selected this session because Anastasios chose to speak about future relevant mind-changes: Stop focussing on the desktop browser world and take the next, relevant step towards mobile and tablet devices. Our automation-craving will be satisfied by his presentation of testing automation processes and tools for these mobile and tablet devices. Let’s have a talk about the next future step!

After this, we'll close the DevOps-Tuesday by learning about dos & don’ts of choosing or building the right DevOps solutions as a developer (for themself, their company and their use cases). It’s Christian Sieber’s (Kazanir) session DevOps Tools that work: behind the Scenes with Platform.sh, which will be a vivid talk using the example of Platform.sh.

Wednesday. The fourth session in our schedule will be Automatic Drupal Updates using Visual Regression Testing & Continuous Integration from Matt Cheney (populist), Co-Founder at Pantheon. We're really looking forward to listen to his session due to the fact that this seems to be the exact same revolution we're boosting with Drop Guard. It's very motivating to see that big hosting players like Pantheon see the value and importance to work on and with continuous update delivery. There will be a nice feedback and discussion forum afterwards!

The last automation related session we will attend also on Wednesday will be held by greg.1.anderson, alias Greg Anderson from Pantheon again. Its title attracted us, of course: Automate your Automation! Greg will speak about a developer’s attitude towards using automated tests (oh yes!) and setting up automated tests (oh my, no!), but especially about how to deal with the “oh my, no!” by providing a list of nice tools.


With this on the plate, we hope to have enough time to visit really great non-automation/DevOps sessions, too, of course. And welcome you to our booth. And drink coffee with everyone who already requested a meeting. And see you at lunch. And in the evenings. And hope that DrupalCon will have 36h-days this time so all the great plans fit into a short week of meeting this great community. So with this in mind: see you there, folks!


If you think we could add another DevOps/ automation session, don't hesitate to contact us via @drop_guard on Twitter or via email (info@drop-guard.net).