Setting up Drop Guard as a bigger agency - an experience report

Serkan Bekdemir, web developer at Bright Solutions GmbH

When it comes to new tools, different workflows or any other kind of process changes, a company needs to ensure that the changes happen as smooth and resource saving as possible. 
Drop Guard will undergo some big improvements this year to keep this switch for our users, developers, small Drupal shops and big agencies, as simple as possible. Besides outside-feedback from customers, we always love to hear the thoughts of our own team members. This time, we want to share an interview with our web developer Serkan Bekdemir, who’s now responsible for the Drop Guard usage in our own company, Bright Solutions

Enjoy a scoop of honest critique and suggestions!

Hello Serkan, while onboarding more than 20 internal customer major projects, which difficulties complicated your work? 

The main complexibility, that led to a slower setup completion, was to find common ground for our new workflow and the older scope of a lot of projects. New projects were easy to onboard. There’s one tricky thing - the Drop Guard module needs to be deployed, and this must be planned for a live website. The UI is full of fields and cases and rules. I would be very happy to see a slimmer version of it within the next big release.

Which feature would you also require urgently in the optimization process, especially for bigger agencies?

Templates! Even in case there wouldn’t be any other optimizations needed, it’s really annoying to click through every single setup again and again. I would be grateful for a solution where we have templates or where we can clone settings or even a configuration with text files, which we could copy & paste, upload and let Drop Guard do all the clicks and setting - just something like this. It will ease the work for agencies and a bigger amount of projects a lot, because they don’t need to configure their 30...50..100 and more projects click per click - which is an annoying process currently.  

Do you have any tips for other agencies and their client’s projects? 

I recommend to standardize your own projects - or you have to deal with the fact that they’ll be deployed differently. Also it’ll be very helpful to let a bunch of people do the setup for a bunch of projects, not one person for all projects. It will save you time and when more people get used to the tool there’re more team members who can help each other. 

Would you recommend Drop Guard for any kind of Drupal agency? 

In general, Drop Guard can be used by every agency and single freelance developer, as long as they provide security updates. It will be easier or more difficult, depending on the individual workflow, of course. One thing I can say is that it’s rather adverse for development processes right on the master branch, because then Drop Guard will push all (critical security) updates right to master branch - that could get quite messy.

That was a great bunch of information! Do you want to add anything else?

In consequence of all the complexity of update types, actions and other functions which need to be configured and set, Drop Guard has a confusing UI at some points. Besides the planned great UI improvements I’ve already seen and heard here in the company, I’d be happy to see a nice how-to-infographic besides the onboarding docs or the video.

Thanks a lot, Serkan, for all the information.

We will keep you updated about further plans and news within the next weeks, so stay tuned. Do you want to give some feedback about this post? Or want to add an important fact? Contact us!


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