Drupal Europe - welcome to Darmstadt!

Drupal Europe in Darmstadt

We are excited! We want to share with you:


  1. There will be a huge European Drupal Event next week and we will attend - what do we bring to the table?
  2. It’s in our hometown Darmstadt, right on the doorstep - where can you spend your free time? 
  3. We’ll volunteer actively for the first time - join the contribution squad!



1. Meet us at Drupal Europe in Darmstadtium!

Credits: https://www.drupaleurope.org


Hackers automate but the Drupal Community still downloads updates on drupal.org or: Why we need to talk about Auto Updates” - this talk next Wednesday will be held by our CEO Joe and Hernani Borges de Freitas. We welcome everyone to join this talk, learn and discuss possibilities, risks and opportunities of the Drupal security and update debate. Here’s the brief session profile
If you want concrete best practices around Drupal update processes, then join our workshop next Wednesday  “How you can handle updates easily with best practices and keep your Drupal site secure”. Our CTO Max and Joe will present to you 3 scenarios: 
  1. a streamlined manual update process,
  2. an update process with the Acquia pipeline and
  3. a fully automated update pipeline with Drop Guard
This workshop will enable you to make your Drupal update process faster, more secure and even more flexible. 
Do you want to have a personal talk instead? Meet us at booth no. 14 and learn how to benefit from automated update processes. Joe, Max, Alexey and I (Johanna) will walk around, spread the word and keep ears and eyes open for your questions. 
We will share our booth with two great Drupal boosters as well: Flash Hub enables you to realize successful digital projects with virtual experts teams and Content Sync helps you to syndicate and synchronize your Drupal Content with the Media and Content Pool for Drupal - with these two powerful services and Drop Guard, boosting your Drupal projects attains a new level! Learn more


2. Our hometown Darmstadt, right on the doorstep - some tips on where to spend your free time

Credits: http://www.oppida.de/die-schoensten-staedte-deutschlands/darmstadt/sehenswuerdigkeiten-in-darmstadt/

Credits: http://www.oppida.de/die-schoensten-staedte-deutschlands/darmstadt/sehe…

The event will take place in the Darmstadtium, a large, modern, and eco-friendly congress center right in the heart of Darmstadt. The city is the fourth largest city of Hessia, with around 160.000 citizens. A lot of people know Darmstadt for its technical university, the TU Darmstadt
As I was born in this city and never left it except for vacation, it combines both for me: city and village. I want to share my personal top 5 places to visit. 
  1. The Mathildenhöhe Darmstadt. Even if you don’t visit any (art) exhibition here, visiting the Mathilednhöhe is always worth a quick walk - and it’s only a few minutes away from the Darmstadtium (as I told you, village!) 
  2. Waldspirale / Hunderwasserhaus. This building was designed by Friedensreich Hundertwasser and you won’t find a single window or door that equals another one. The multicolored and crazy art is unique and reflects the characteristics of nature. Can you interpret them all?
  3. Café Hess. I don’t know how all the wonderful little pubs and bars of the city will withstand the rush of Drupalers, but let’s find out. Cafe Hess is a small (!) and individual pub right next to the “Grohe” and “Sitte” (both rustic alehouses) in Darmstadt and offers VERY tasty food (try “Käsespätzle”!) and great drinks. You pay at the bar before leaving the pub - just tell the waiter or waitress what you enjoyed - you won’t get a tab here. EC & credit cards are accepted.
  4. Goldene Krone Darmstadt. Beer, smoky rooms and rock music - this classic pub (and the only pub that survived the WWII, as they say) is right next to the Schloss in Darmstadt. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea but everyone who ever visited Darmstadt knows this place and remembers at least one evening here. Several football tables and a billiard table (2nd floor) connect people of all ages and cultures.
  5. Schlossgarten & Herrngarten. If you want to enjoy some nature and a more restful place, you can visit the Schlossgarten or Herrengarten right in front of the Darmstadtium. Both parks offer open-air cafés to enjoy a coffee, a beer or some snacks.
Beside these few bites, the city offers A LOT of cute, nice, loud, calm, tasty and funny places such as Prinz-Georgs-Garten, Rosenhöhe, Orangerie, Prinz-Emil-Garten (all parks/ gardens), great bistros and rustic restaurants in the city center (around Luisenplatz, Darmstädter Schloss - such as Ratskeller or Bockshaut - and the Staatstheater) and especially in the Martinsviertel area right next to the Darmstadtium (Schuknecht, Mono, 3klang, COLLINS, Wellnitz,...). Just start walking into any direction and take a look around the Darmstadtium area, you will find something that meets your personal taste, I promise! If you want to check out nightlife events, you can also visit partyamt.de. Or ask me for more / detailed tips via mail at johanna.anthes@drop-guard.net


3. Drupalers, are you ready for us? - Volunteering 1.0

Contribute - join the Drupal volunteer squad!


We’re curious if we will do well in this first active contribution to the Drupal community, as all of the Drupal Europe attendees from the Drop Guard team registered as volunteers. So, Joe (Johannes) Noll, Max Madl and I, Johanna Anthes, might be one of the people who help and guide you during the Drupal Europe week. If you want to support and contribute as well, join us and thew contribution squad via https://www.drupaleurope.org/program/contribution.


So what’s left to say? SEE YOU NEXT WEEK! 

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