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Manuel, our CEO, and I spent our last Thursday and Friday on the European Drupal Business Days in Frankfurt, Germany. The event was the third of its sort, attracting CEOs, Marketing Managers and other influencer. As the event title might tell in advance, it was a business and marketing tailored session schedule throughout.

After a kicking Keynote from Jeffrey aka Jam, Manuel just jumped on the “sell value, not Drupal code” train with his session “recurring revenue in the Drupal business”. Sure, we all know the power of "content first" but do we really adjust our thoughts and steps to this mantra? I don't think so. Value entails revenue. Not the other way around.

But let's dive directly into Manuel's session, which speaks almost for itself (if not, or if you want further communication about his session, just ping him via


One person put the general topic straight: Janne Kalliola ripped the attendees a new one with his session "You Need to Grow to Stay Alive". I want to quote his sentence "the price point is too low. Because client perceived value is too low". Janne points out that f.e. enterprise solutions are sold for way too less money measured against the customer's value of it. Companies need to move their valued solutions where they can demand an appropriate price. Selling services for a sixpence (or more of less valued services like simple coding than costly services like research & marketing) is like shooting yourself in the foot. Create real value for your clients.

With Drop Guard, we clearly support companies to add more value to their daily business by automating and optimizing internal workflows and client relationships (#SupportLevelAgreements). By automating update, monitor and report processes, your team can focus on more valueable sources of revenue, be it hosting or marketing. We're also very proud that our tool was mentioned in the event's group work, where attendees chose Drop Guard to be the "update bot" in an enterprise - there we go!

So, value your time. What are you waiting for?

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