Feature close-up: Modules overview - get detailed information about all modules

Modules overview in Drop Guard
What modules do I use? How often are they used in my project? In which projects? Which version exists? Is it the same version as on drupal.org? Might a specific module be a threat for my project(s)?
These and many more questions will be answered within one click on our “Modules overview page” on the left in the menu bar. Check out this short post to learn more about our new feature!
Among other reasons, this feature was requested by our users as they also want to track whether a module is quite relevant for a project or less critical within an update process.

Modules overview page in Drop Guard


You can check the following values:

Usage of a specific module
That value shows how much the module is used in all included projects in percentage.


Name of the used module
By clicking on this value, you receive more details about this specific module and it’s usage.
This numeric value enfolds the amount (and after clicking on it the details) of all projects that use that specific module.
The module version on drupal.org
By clicking on this module version, you will be led to the module’s Drupal.org info page.
You receive also information about the maintenance status and the development status (both related to the drupal.org information). That might also be an indicator for a potential source of issues if a module isn’t maintained regularly but you’re using it on a regular base in your projects.
Project internal Status:
The green checkbox shows successfully updated modules, the colored warning triangle represent the criticality of a pending update: Security related (yellow) & Highly Critical (red): Let Drop Guard take a quick look at them!
You can expand every list of details by clicking on the numeric value. All columns can be filtered as well to give you a quick and clean overview.
Don’t hesitate to tell us your opinion about this new feature!