Feature close-up: Multi-User - Invite your team to Drop Guard!

Invite your team to Drop Guard!
We happily announce our Multi-User - Invitations feature! Our users needed an option to add more team members with tailored access rights for a specific project. 
So we created the “Invitations” section in our menu bar on the left. By entering this page, you will be able to invite other team members or view the invitation for yourself.
You can assign specific projects to a team member, be it developer, support manager or project manager; as well as you can give your customer read access to the customer’s project without exposing your other projects. This access policy feature provides new possibilities for an open and understandable workflow with Drop Guard. 

Invite others to your projects!


So what steps need to be done to invite someone? 

Login into your Drop Guard account
Select “Invitations” in the menu on the left
  • Type in the email address of the person you want to invite
  • Select the specific project you want to share
  • Decide whether to give that person read or write permission
  • Send the invitation
  • Add a personal message if you want 
You can check the status of the invitation or even delete the sent invite. 
After a person accepted your invitation, you can always cancel the given permission or change it. 
To access the project, the invited person needs to create an account first. The creation option will be sent automatically within the invitation via email.
As well as you can invite others, you can be invited too, of course. Above the “invite others” section, you can accept or decline invitations which are meant for you
And that’s it! Share your project easily and make your workflows and processes as comprehensible as you want to. 
We’re looking forward to your feedback and suggestions