Feature close-up: Time schedule of actions

Feature close-up: Time schedule of actions
A successful day can be interrupted uncomfortably by recently released updates. Some of us process updates immediately, others wait for their client’s or manager’s feedback and some teams schedule them regularly on a specific day. So, when it comes to update automation with Drop Guard, our users should be able to apply their current schedule workflow as well.
To cover these individual schedule needs, we provide the “Time schedule of actions” feature on the “Events” tab of your project’s config setting site.
Within this post, you will learn how to benefit from this feature.


"Time schedule of actions"


Where can I find this feature?

You get to that feature by clicking on a specific project. You start from the project overview page, then click on  “configure this project” to get to the “Events” setting page. You’ll find the feature below the “Task status 'closed'" event.


Okay, and now? What can I configure?

So, with this feature, you can configure that any of the actions can be processed at a specific time and day, per week, month or on another regular schedule.
WHERE: Please select your time zone
WHEN: Configure the time of the wanted execution


Configure the time to execute any specific action


WHAT: Now you can select the specific action that will be processed within the previously configured time schedule. You can add more that one action to a single schedule if you want to execute several actions at the same time.


Select an action


Do I need to respect something special?

The common event execution (configured in the "Events" tab) starts when a task is moved to a new status (e.g. "ready to test").
In contrast, time scheduled events will be executed according to the configured schedule. A scheduled event doesn't relate to any task "context" now. This means that you can't use tokens such as ([task:username] [task:project-title], [task:project-url], [task:title], [task:url], [task:branch], [task:modules]). If you have a question about that special behavior, you can easily send us a message or join our Slack Support Channel.


In conclusion…

This feature enables you to stick to your own time schedule or to adapt Drop Guard to the needs of your customer’s testing workflow.
Do you like this feature? Contact us for your feedback, optimization suggestions or any other question!