"Why we need to talk about Update Automation" - session at Drupal Europe

Why we need to talk about Auto Updates
Joe Noll, CEO at App Guard GmbH, and Hernâni Borges de Freitas, Technical Architect, raised awareness about Drupal update security and why we need to talk about the Drupal Auto Update Initiative. 
The talk included facts and figures about the amount of insecure website or “types of updaters", the main risks and - especially the opportunities and role of the Auto Update Initiative.
This post provides you the gateways to the session slides "Drupal Europe 2018: Hackers automate but the Drupal community still downloads modules from drupal.org", and the topics update automation and Auto Update Initiative in Drupal. 
Joe Noll and Hernani about why we should talk about Update Automation: 
Drupal Europe 2018: Hackers automate but the drupal community still downloads modules from drupal.org from hernanibf


Join the Auto Update Initiative 

You can take part in the discussion on drupal.org and support it by also encouraging others to give thoughts on this important topic:
Auto Update initiative on drupal.org.

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