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hopes and fears about security providers - a survey

It's no secret that Drupal's success depends heavily on the collaborative community culture and the continuous communication process between all members of the community. It’s not for nothing that we embrace the “come for the code, stay for the community” mantra.

Today we're asking you - an agency, freelancer or a lone webmaster - to think with us a little bit about the quality of security protection your service provider delivers to ensure your website and online services are running smoothly.

It doesn't matter if it's a hosting company, a PaaS solution, an onshore or offshore provider who takes care of all your online operations - it's all about whom you trust to take care about your business being fully protected security-wise.

Speaking of the security service your provider delivers - what parts of it are of the real importance to you? What things you hope should be given for granted, and what things scare you to death in case something goes wrong
With the data collected from this little survey - just two questions about security-related hopes and fears, we are going to showcase and pinpoint main communication problems which exist between the contractor (or a service provider) and the stakeholder (or a client) when they talk about the security in SLAs and in daily interactions. 

Feel free to vent your thoughts and feelings on everything related to hardware security, data protection, sensitive data collection and storage, prevention of external attacks and common Internet threats, keeping the infrastructure and the contributed codebase up to date - we want to hear from you!

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