“How you can handle updates easily” - workshop at Drupal Europe

Max Madl's first workshop at Drupal Europe
Our CTO Max Madl held his first workshop at Drupal Europe last week. The main goal of this hands-on session was to show the audience what it means to update a Drupal project
a.) manually
b.) with helping tools & services
c.) fully automated.
22 developers approached these tasks.

The questionnaire about the services, tools, and systems they’re using led to interesting results: 

used CI/CD tools

So, nearly three-quarters of our group deal with manual update processes. 

We also asked them which hosting providers they use in their pipeline:

Used hosting providers

This group of 22 people does not represent the whole Drupal world, of course, nevertheless, we felt confirmed that a big part of agencies and freelancers don’t use the benefits of tools and services to optimize (or even build) their update pipelines. 
The first task was to create a manual update process - phew, you might know what that means: time consuming and boring. But the attendees did well and stuck to it. After that, Max presented relieving CI/CD tools and hosting services that ease that manual update pain. 

Max presents common CI/CD solutions

Finally, the audience could experience what it means to automate the whole update process with Drop Guard. After understanding the characteristics of the tool, the main feedback was a real aha experience - update processes can be managed as a whole by a tool, automatically! 
After this first workshop experience, Max is keen to think about further ways to submit update related workshops to encourage Drupalers to optimize their update process - be it by including CI/CD tools, using hosting provider pipelines or by managing updates automatically. The main goal is to make people realize how update processes can block the productivity and security of a team or project - and how to avoid this and even make a profit out of it.

If you have any questions or want to as for the details behind this workshop, you can always contact us.