A Roadmance: Drupal Drop Guard & Allrounder AppGuard

A Roadmance: Drupal Drop Guard & Allrounder AppGuard
What a summer! We founded our company App Guard GmbH to give Drop Guard an independent home, and we want to share our planned road trip with you!



One high priority on our roadmap list is the implementation of webhooks into the Drop Guard service. For example, steps like “test passed” can be initiated easily and automatically via webhooks. 
What the heck are webhooks?


The foundation was already developed but due to small demand, the platform.sh integration wasn’t finished actively. Now we have a nice amount of Platform.sh users aboard and we can’t wait to announce the feature to you within the next weeks!

Optimizing Drop Guard's UX

Yes, this is an important stop on our roadmap, we will do deep UX testing and optimize Drop Guard’s behavior to show you the smoothest side of your update platform. Within this project, we want to preserve most parts of the interface, so our users won’t feel lost afterward! 
Besides active feedback loops with our users, we can sap a lot from though usability tests. As always, we are happy to hear every single voice, so feel free to contact us and let us know your opinion about Drop Guard’s user interface and how you’d like to optimize it.


Say hi! to Drupal Drop Guard and Allrounder AppGuard

Drop Guard is our specific update platform for Drupal-based projects. The ability to configure the specific update types and customized events make this platform unique. We don’t want to lose that flexibility, so we will still maintain and optimize the service, of course.
AppGuard will be our strong allrounder, focused on the dependency and package managers Composer, npm, Yarn and Bundler. A Drupal project won’t find precise update type options here, so Drop Guard will be the best option in this case; but any other project that is using one of the mentioned managers will be configured easily with AppGuard. We’re looking forward to a smooth and intuitive UI and UX, that is in the making as part of our current beta test phase.

If you are interested to be part of the beta tester squad, you’re welcome to join usStay tuned for AppGuard’s release at the end of this year!


We are looking forward to follow this road, maybe (already) with you? 
Stay tuned for new information to each topic above.