Free Drupal security for a good cause

free Drop Guard usage for non-profits

Being casual about open source security is not funny. Headlines like the Panama Papers this year showed that an improvident dealing with security and updates can cause a huge damage. Fees are still a crucial reason for people to hesitate to secure their business by using charged services. This is not a pitty - this is grave.

There are many people out there who give a lot without receiving a reward. They see more benefits in helping and strengthen people, any kind of living being or purpose than in a regular salary.

Open Source, let’s say Drupal in particular, is part of some of those people as well. While “giving more than taking back” is not the most profitable case, “paying for an additional service tool” sounds less appealing, when you have to worry about the next fund-raising campaign. Let alone “buying your data from hackers” or “investing time and money in restructuring your online presence after a huge update issue”. Nope.

Folks! This is why our team wants to give you something back to ease your daily workload. This is why Drop Guard will secure & update your non-profit website for free day by day. Now. Tomorrow. Forever.

Swiss Red Cross landingpage - secured by Drop Guard

We’re very proud to call the Swiss Red Cross a free Drop Guard user. Day by day, the Red Cross cares for and helps people in distress. While we want to sensitize the Drupal community for the importance of continuous update management, the Red Cross raises awareness for humanitarian values every day, worldwide - and without pause! Besides aiding humans in pressing emergencies like in the Syria conflict or hurricane victims, the Red Cross supports educational projects and courses, just to mention a few things of their work contents. We’re glad to ease at least their effort of keeping the website of the Swiss Red Cross (one of the 190 members of The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement - the world's largest humanitarian network) continuously updated. Thanks to all aid workers!


As a reward for free usage, we'd appreciate to see you pinning our Drop Guard Security Badge to your site(s). You can show your website visitors how much you care about update security by adding one of these badge options: Drop Guard Security Badge.

So if you are

  • a Drupal community member with non-profit projects
  • an NGO with a Drupal website like these
  • or any kind of non-profit Drupal user

then you can secure your sites for free from today on. How?Just register here as a non-profit user. See you there!

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