My first encounter with the Drupal Community

Johanna meets the Drupal community #DrupalDays

Hi, it’s me, Johanna! I’m responsible for the Marketing around Drop Guard, our update automation tool for bad ass Drupal security (yes, this is a promotion) - and I’m a Drupal greenhorn.

On Friday, April 8th, I had my first meeting with the Drupal community at the Drupal Business & Community Days in Heidelberg. This merging of community part and business presentations was the first one ever organized that way, apropos by Erdfish, thank you so much for your dedication! So my entrance in the Drupal World started a little bit uncommon. 

“You must be confused right now, hu?"

One of you said that smiling when I listened intently to Jam’s speech about "New and improved ... and amazing!" Selling the value of new Drupal 8 technical features. Yes, I was confused on the one hand and felt like Yoda’s little student; but on the other hand it was much more of great fascination that you have when you see or hear something absolutely interesting, amazing and enticing - a “OMG this is freakin awesome tell me more about it, NOW, I want to understand and learn and grow into it!” feeling. I was just kinda infected. 

The whole day was an informative mix of small talk and big talking point. #PanamaLeaks  #panamapapers #Drupal8 #html5 #bigpipe #refreshless. I’m really impressed by the Drupal improvements and I think that things are getting serious on a whole new level with Drupal 8. Beginning with the full language support, HTML5 benefits, great scalability and much more speed, it’s now possible to realize a faster innovation cycle, to release minor versions on a timed cycle, semantic versioning, features in between big releases and so on. Drupal 8 is now a “module voming”, stable tested system that’ll  probably have more framework modules than previous versions had. 

But all the sessions highlighted one important thing: You can join the discussion. You can join the improvement. You can join the way that will be rocky sometimes but you’ll have a helping hand everywhere. This is real innovation from my point of view.




P.S.: Unfortunately I could only stay one day this weekend so I CAN’T WAIT to see you guys on future Camps and Cons! 
Thank you for reading, I’d love to get some feedback from you: or find me on LinkedIn :)


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