Meet us in Dublin at booth #105!

Meet us at DrupalCon Dublin at booth #105

Only 20 days are left until we head to Dublin to join the DrupalCon 2016! It’s the first time that we, the Drupal agency team from Bright Solutions (which is the "birthplace" of Drop Guard), arrive at a Con only with our Drop Guard team, so we can focus on our most famous contribution to the Community: our update management service tool “Drop Guard”.

Yes, we’d be happy to show people the great values which Drop Guard provides - but most of all we look forward to personal and honest conversations to progress in our work and as part of the Community!


Automation is a topic we could recognise a few times while we checked all the Con sessions. This is really cool, because it shows that automation (and its benefits) is getting more and more traction. We experience hesitation every day: our tool updates Drupal automatically, what encountered doubts sometimes as well.

So an open and constructive dialogue about fears and possibilities of automation is necessary to achieve the next step in tech development.  


Updates, especially security updates, are some kind of “red rag” to a lot of people, too. No one likes to dive into deep conversations about horror stories like Drupalgeddon or have a long talk at lunch about every step of a time consuming update process. “Let’s talk about the evening, when you waited two hours to catch the update release as fast as possible” said no developer ever. Let alone the situation when you have to explain extra expenses to your client or try to make clear, that an ongoing support service for updates etc is quite essential (#SLA) .


We want to alleviate these unpleasant topics, because at the end it’s still necessary to discuss them. So if you feel uncomfortable and got sweaty hands while reading this post, we have to talk! Jokes apart, we would be excited to see you at booth #105 to start some real talk and to learn from you - oh, and to present you our update challenge game ;-). On that note, see you in three weeks at DrupalCon Dublin!



Your Drop Guard team


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