Dependencies of modules: New quick fix feature

Dependencies of modules: New quick fix feature

Sometimes in composer-based projects it happens that Drop Guard can't update a module because the update requires to update some other packages. These cases required manually handling via command line before.

We decided to improve this cases and make resolving much easier. If Drop Guard couldn't apply an update for a composer-based project  due to any other dependency a "Fix it" button will appear. "Fix" for will be opened by click to this button. Just choose the composer mode (require or update) and specify a list of packages which should be updated and Drop Guard will do it!

This is how it looks like:


"Fix it" feature


Keep in mind that this feature is only available for:

  • composer-based projects
  • tasks with "error" status
  • error messages for problems regarding "apply an update via composer"


We hope that you enjoy it. Let us know your feedback.