1..2..3 - continuous security! A business guide for companies & individuals

The Drupal Update Guide is available now!

Update: Enjoy our edited, prettier version!

It has finally been done! 

A lot of Drupal community members, who are interested in or already use Drop Guard, were waiting for this ultimate guide on continuous security in Drupal. Using Drop Guard in a daily routine improved update workflows and increased the efficiency of the website support for all of our users. But there were still a lot of blind spots and unexplored capabilities such as using Drop Guard as an "SLA catalyser". So we've stuck our heads together and figured out how to share this information with you in a professional and condensed way.

We're happy to present you the result of our work today! 

What's inside?

Our free guide covers everything related to Drupal update processes from the technical and business perspective and provides a step by step walkthrough on ensuring continuous security processes for companies and individuals.

After downloading and reading this white paper you will know
  • how to build a recurring revenue business model
  • how to use projects as a strategic source of recurring revenue
  • how to start immediately with your support business
  • how to include automation into your processes, benefited by using Drop Guard
  • how to sensitise your customer for the importance of update support
  • how to convince your boss to follow the best Drupal update practices
  • and much more...

Download the free white paper

and sell SLAs with up to 40% more profit!


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