UPDATED Sneak Peek: Drop Guard's revamped project creation process

Basic Steps 2

We are working tirelessly to make Drop Guard better, faster and more friendly for developer. In this blog post we present you a "sneak peek" of our revamped project creation process, with this end in mind to please you with greater usability for getting started with your project in Drop Guard!

So let's get more detailed: the creation process will be split into 3 independent configuration screens.

Before this first modification, our users had to go through all the steps of the project creation wizard at once. Oh my, that was awful. Now the process is much simpler by allowing to save the project just after entering it's title, connecting to the Git repository and setting up a few very basic settings.

After this, you can sit back, relax and enjoy Drop Guard as your invaluable security updates monitoring tool - no extra work required. You can even set up email notifications to be alerted when the next Drupageddon happens.

1. On the first screen you will be able to quickly connect Drop Guard to your repository and enjoy it's updates monitoring capabilities - even without installing a Drop Guard module.

Basic Step 1Basic Step 2


2. When you feel ready to experience the whole Drop Guard capability, then proceed directly to the "Updates setup" form. It's designed for those who immediately want to integrate Drop Guard in their daily maintenance routine and is about telling Drop Guard what to do, when the update of a certain type is detected.
This is a screenshot of  the update types configuration in the old project creation process:

the old project creation look

And here you can enjoy the sneak peek of the new process:

new project creation process


3. The third screen is all about events - sending e-mails, running SSH commands, pinging your favourite CI tool or merging branches based on certain conditions.




If you're a Drop Guard user or just curious - don't hesitate and leave your feedback on it. We'd love to optimize Drop Guard for every workflow and we can't do it without your voice! You prefer a personal contact? Find our data here: About