The most important changes in January

The most important changes in January

Let's look which changes were applied in January.

Decreased loading time for pages

Sometimes loading time for pages was very slow. It was depended on a lot of factors. We fixed as much as possible of these factors and now basically it works much faster.


Fixed a problem with determining of packages with sub-modules

Drop Guard had a problem with updating of packages, which contain several sub-modules. For example: Acquia Connector. We detected this problem and fixed it.


Removed the PHP 5.6 executor

Drop Guard had 2 "php-executors": 5.6 and 7.1. We did a lot of tests with a lot of projects and went to a conclusion: an executor with PHP 7.1 absolutely well suits for all projects, independent on Drupal core and other stuff.


Removed "webhook channel" for Slack integration

During creating "new webhook" in Slack service a user must specify a channel for messages. We decided don't duplicate this field because it will be specified before anyway and can't be overridden.


Commit only composer files for composer-based projects

Sometimes composer-based projects have predefined "hooks" and after update process happens some extra actions, which can change some other files or even break update process. We got requests from some users that this is unexpected behavior and Drop Guard should not execute any composer hooks. So, this behavior was applied.


Tips for cases when a task couldn't be created

Often (especially new users) were confused why an update task for some module was not created. Now we placed "why a task wasn't created?" tip under every module where the update is available, but Drop Guard didn't create a task for it. You can just point a cursor of a mouse to this tip and get the information why a task was not created.


Thank you for your interest to Drop Guard and don't hesitate to suggest any ideas for improvement of our product in our Slack channel.