Top 5 sessions of DrupalCon New Orleans (security and maintenance related)

DrupalCon New Orleans

Drop Guard team didn't make it to DC North America this year, but we've spent quite a time talking to our colleagues there, interacting with people via Twitter and Facebook, and obviously - enjoying the sessions as soon as they're available for the online viewing.

We are really excited about the number of the highest quality sessions on various topics, and to be honest we recommend to watch all of them (although be aware of the time you need to complete the whole list).

However, for those interested in all things security, support and maintenance related, and not having too much time to enjoy the full playlist, we've hand-picked a limited amount of videos which we found most insightful and would recommend to the Drop Guard blog readers.

Simplifying Security: Protecting your Clients and your Company

Your reputation as an agency (and your client’s business) rely on a safe and secure site. By knowing the common pitfalls you can help navigate the treacherous waters of web security and lead your team to success and happy clients along the way.

Building your DevOps gameplan

There is lot's of good content on tools and technology to help streamline your development and operations, but technology alone isn't enough to change your organization for the better. 

How To Grow Support To Become A Cornerstone Of Your Business

It was very easy to build a fancy Drupal site and walk away. We noticed that the average end user can't really work a Drupal site that well. This led to a very simple question: how do we offer support to clients so they benefit and we make a profit?

Navigating The Website Security Threat Landscape

The In's and Out's of How and Why Websites Get Hacked. In this talk we'll focus specifically on the complex world of website security, how it applies to organizations, how attacks are occurring, and talk to some of the things we need to be doing to account for these threats.

Continuous Delivery with Drupal

The critical thing in continuous delivery is that the main branch is in a deployable state at all times enabling regular releases. We will explore some of the benefits and advantages you get from implementing CD, along with sample workflows and tools, such as Git, Jenkins, and the Drupal 7 Features and Strongarm modules and Drupal 8 Configuration Management. As well as various testing and code quality tools, such as Behat, PHP CodeSniffer, etc. 


What do you think of our selection? Anything we've missed or not relevant? Let us know!