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Andreas Vetteler from undpaul

More and more, midsize companies are excited by Drop Guard, recognising the benefits and values of using this tool.

This time we want to present undpaul to you, a Drupal agency from Hannover, Germany, that is built by an enthusiastic team of Drupal developers. Eleven team members support Anja Schirwinski and Johannes Haseitl, founders and CEOs, in their daily effort to please the needs of their customers best.

In doing so, the whole company let Drop Guard support them and let it provide continuous Drupal and website security for their clients. We asked the undpaul about what changed since they started to use Drop Guard on a daily basis.


Andreas Votteler, Account Manager and contact for all of the undpaul clients, is a community member for more than two years now. So let’s dive directly into this short interview!


1. Hello Andreas, thank you very much for getting round for this interview! And here we go, one very important topic around Drop Guard: time. Did your team at undpaul already profit from a saving of time by using the tool?

Your welcome, thank you for the interview invitation. Yes indeed, I conceive Drop Guard as very helpful. As an Account Manager, I take care of the existing clients with maintenance agreements. So far I monitored our SLA-clients “manually”, what I gladly did for our clients for sure, but I always deliberated about the time effectiveness and how I could use the time in a more efficient way.

As a product, Drop Guard just came “right on time”. I save a huge amount of time by needing just a few minutes to set up an SLA project once only. As soon as it was set up, the “magic” starts to happen automatically.

We get informed really comfortable via e-mail about pending security updates (alternatively via our slack bot). We don’t need to check anymore, which module is installed in which project and so on, but we can overview everything easily at the dashboard.

Drop Guard helps us by installing the updates in feature branches into Git, whereupon they will be tested manually and only then they will be deployed. Maybe I can overcome my last hesitations and give full control to the automated testing system from Drop Guard as well - according to what I have heard it must work excellent ;)


2. Well then we can’t wait for your feedback about the testing system! How much time did your team spend on security updates before you got used to Drop Guard?

Certain processes needed a lot of time, such as creating tickets, examine which module is installed in which project, manual activation of modules and so on. Drop Guard performs them on its own now. So it does not only save time, but it prevents human error sources such as missing an update for a site.


3. Which positive effects causes the usage of Drop Guard as well?

Short and sweet answer: I can sleep more restful, because I can be sure that Drop Guard monitors all systems of our clients and that it will inform me about pending tasks.


4. That sounds like a really positive side benefit! Are there still situations where your team has problems with launching and using Drop Guard?

Not exactly “problems”, but I tested Drop Guard a lot and shared my feedback with the support team. With that feedback, the support team developed solutions quickly, which worked quite well for undpaul. For example: We use the open source tool Redmine for our ticket system. So our wish was that Drop Guard could insert tickets automatically in Redmine, as soon as a security update is released. Since August, Drop Guard supports JIRA & Redmine. Thank you for that again!


5.  We’re always happy to hear that our solutions “click”, because the compatibility with other tools is very important for us and our users. Did the usage of Drop Guard already influence your clients as well?

In an indirect way, absolutely, because we can spread our working time more effectively for other tasks.


6. Why did undpaul decide to work with Drop Guard?

We accepted an invitation from Manuel (note: CEO and founder) to test Drop Guard. After this test we unhesitatingly saw the values for our clients and decided to use Drop Guard productively. It was a very good decision yet and we’re happy, that Drop Guard eases our daily routine.


7. A lot of community members speak out against automated security tools, fearing that an automatically implemented update could lead to bugs and could incapacitate a website. How about your team?

We still haven’t scheduled automated updates yet. So those who worry about that can choose the same option as we do: we simply use Drop Guard for a first getting to know as an update management system, that supports us to coordinate and to install updates and also SLA contracts in a clear and current way - and saves us a lot time thereby.


Andreas, thank you a lot for your answers!

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