We made a Splash!

Manuel Müller represented us at the Splash Awards

Let’s see where to start first. There will be a lot of “first” today in this post, that’s really exciting and shows that 2017 started quite encouraging. The Splash Awards took place yesterday in Hamburg - it’s the first time that Germany hosted this Drupal event. The first Splash Awards ever were organized by the Dutch Drupal Foundation in the Netherlands back in 2014 (thank you for encouraging all other countries!).

The Awards honor the best Drupal project of a nation in several categories, such as the more technical ones (architecture, commerce, modules, themes or tools/apps and publisher/media) but also important categories such as education, social, engagement and government. Drupal does not only bring together any type of people, but also a variety of opportunities of use. Attendees, supporters and guests came together to celebrate the last year of new and thrilling projects.

The German software company Bright Solutions, birthplace of Drop Guard, submitted two projects. One was the relaunch of the MAINGAU Energie website, which was honored as best project in category “commerce” in 2016. The second was - drum roll - update management platform Drop Guard for category “tools/apps” - and it just won the first price as well!


A glance behind

Now, winning a prize is always a nice thing, but there’s much more we want to share with you. By hosting an event that awards Drupal keen people and agencies for their outstanding projects, a nation raises awareness of respect and recognition. It’s a possibility to bring national agencies together, to experience the work of others and to attract international attention and communication of the community. Simply put, to think outside the box and see the bigger picture.

We hope to encourage more nations to feel that spirit of innovation and great achievements. Cheers to all competitors, we’re looking forward to see you again; many thank to all the supporters, sponsors, friends who made the event possible!