How Drupal shops can sell SLAs with 40% more profit & recurring revenue

Deliver reliable update SLAs with Drop Guard

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Most Drupal shops depend on a transactional business model which requires hunting for new projects every month. Building Drupal applications is a great base to add more value to your business by selling support contracts, to grow your recurring revenue and deliver continuous value for your clients that have built their online business with Drupal. Using the transactional project business strategically to sell support contracts can help Drupal shops to grow fast and sustainable.

You will learn from some real examples of other Drupal shops how they grow recurring revenue with the project business and deliver support SLAs with 40% less personal costs.


This webinar is for CEOs, CTOs and freelance Drupal developers who want to know how to


  • Arguments to sell support contracts with value to your clients

  • Automate update processes to save developer time

  • Establish a support process with existing resources

  • Scale better with flexible teams doing customer support and project development 

  • Maximize data security for clients as added value support

The webniar will take 30 minutes and will give you the input you need to get started with growing your support business and your recurring revenue.



UPDATE: Enjoy the video of this webinar right here


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