In Drop Guard you can attach any number of various Actions to respond to certain Events. You can see them as a system of flexible triggers. When something is happening with your updates - like Drop Guard pushing the updated version of the module to your repository, or the QA team sets the update task status to "Test passed", or the patch fails - you can tell Drop Guard what to do in such cases.

You can set up various actions for the following events:

Within the Events you can select from a range of the following Actions available: - Execute SSH command (can be used for deployments, clearing caches etc.) - Merge a branch (for example, after the update is tested in a feature branch, merge it to dev, stage or master) - Fire the HTTP request (for example, trigger Jenkins build) - Send an email - Create a task in your project management system - Add a Git tag - Perform a deployment on Acquia Cloud or Pantheon - Post a message to your Slack channel.

The Actions will be executed in the same order as you position them on the Events management screen. If any Action fails, all further Actions will not be executed and the update task status will be set to "Error".

Execute certain Actions only once per group of tasks

In case you execute more than one update task in one run, you can tell Drop Guard to execute the Action attached to a specific Event only once, thus avoid running this Actions as many times as the number of tasks in a batch.

To achieve this behavior, simply check the box as on the screenshot below. The Action will be executed in 5-10 minutes after the update task status changes.

Bulk merge of tasks

If you add the action “Merge a branch” please decide whether Drop Guard should merge a branch already when only one task is set on “test passed” or (as we highly recommend) decide if you want Drop Guard to wait with the merge action until ALL tasks of your test branch are set on “test passed” or “closed”. To configure this last behavior, please check the following checkbox option: