Subscription model

You may have an unlimited number of websites connected to Drop Guard. Drop Guard will monitor all of them for updates, but update tasks will be created only for those with active subscriptions.

The pricing table for a single website can be found here. It reflects a monthly payment for a single website managed by Drop Guard. The subscription plan for each website is calculated automatically based on the number of enabled modules (including core and contributed modules downloaded from, excluding all custom modules and modules checked out from Git repositories directly).

The total monthly payment for the account is calculated by summing up the monthly payments for all active websites and included in a single invoice.

Example 1: you have two active websites (less than 30 modules each). The total monthly payment is 9 + 9 = €18.

Example 2: one of the websites has 80 enabled modules, another website has only 20. The total monthly payment is 59 + 9 = €68.

The billing period for a website starts from the day a subscription was activated. The monthly invoice is generated every month on the 1st day of following month.

So, for example, if a project is activated on 31 April, it will be included in the invoice on 1 May, and you will pay only for a single day of usage. In similar fashion, if the subscription for a project was cancelled on 1 May, it will be included in the invoice on 1 June, and you will pay for one day of usage again.

Payments processing

When starting with Drop Guard you will only be asked to enter your payment details once - when adding a subscription for your first website. Afterwards, individual website subscriptions can be added or cancelled at any time on the Subscriptions page.

The payment details are sent to a payment provider Braintree (a subsidiary of PayPal) via an encrypted connection and stored there for the recurring monthly payments. We do not store or know your card details. You can remove your data from a payment gateway at any time by going to the "Billing details" page of your Drop Guard profile. website is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), endorsed by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and JCB card brands.

Payment methods

You can use credit card or PayPal as your payment method. You can have only one payment method at a time. In case you have an active payment method already and adding a new one - all the information about the other method will be removed from the system and from the payment gateway.

Free project

All new Drop Guard accounts can evaluate the system for a full month for free. This period can be extended on individual request.

You can also benefit from Drop Guard’s free monitoring of your live site, even if you didn’t add any payment data.

Agency package

For users with a greater amount of websites (starting with 10 included website slots), we offer the Agency package, which does not take into account the number of modules in each website and sets a fixed price for each website for a single user account. If you're interested in the Agency package and want to benefit from it, contact us via

Nonprofit package

All registered nonprofit organisations are eligible for free Drop Guard accounts. In exchange, our marketing team may ask you to participate in marketing activities (guest blog posts, placing backlinks or badges "Protected by Drop Guard" on a connected website).

The HTML code for the badge can be obtained from this page

Contact us via to learn more.