General notes

Make sure the update task status is "Closed" before checking the same module for updates. Drop Guard will not be creating a task for the new version of the module if the task is in any other status than "Closed" (i.e. "Test passed" status keeps the task open).

In case of any issues with the update task, for example if you've changed the configuration or want to re-run an update and the task refuses to start, simply close it and let Drop Guard to create a new update task for you.

Drop Guard does not create a new task

Eventually you will see something similar on the Project overview page.

Update task

It means Drop Guard managed to execute all updates for a given module, but they are not deployed yet.

So in case the version 1.5 is released for the SMTP module, there will be no new task until the 1.4 will be detected by Drop Guard on the live website.