The update task stuck in the "Update in progress" mode

This unlikely case usually happens when there is a network connection problem happened between pulling/fetching/caching updates from the repository and generating a proper response status to be displayed in a task.

Drop Guard detects such issues within minutes and alerts our support team, however, to ensure the quickest resolution possible we recommend to contact us immediately via, or ping using the inline "Support Chat" window visible on each page of your account.

You can also try to restart the update task by yourself. To perform this action you will need to:

  • Close the problematic task via the batch operation menu on the "Tasks" page. Note, that the option to restart tasks from the individual task page is not available in this case;

  • Check for updates, so that a task will be re-created;

  • Execute the updates.

The task update fails with no proper feedback

Sometimes the task fails without posting proper feedback, so you're clueless on what's going on. It may happen in rare cases Drop Guard doesn't know how to handle the error properly. In this case please submit a support request to