Deliver Drupal services automatically

Drop Guard lets you deliver Drupal updates fast and resource-effectively. See how you can earn more while spending less:

  1. Save time: All updates are processed automatically.
  2. Save money: Drop Guard is reliable and efficient, helping you to grow your recurring revenue with Drupal update services.
  3. Do less: Drop Guard takes care of your clients’ site security 24/7, so you don’t have to worry about it.
  4. Integrate: Drop Guard integrates with your CI environment to run automated tests after processing updates.
  5. Start for free: Drop Guard is free for the first 2 months so that you can convince yourself of all advantages.

How to re-sell the update service

Drop Guard can be used as a white-label service that delivers Drupal update automation automatically. With automation, continuous update services becomes more affordable for clients and more profitable for Drupal shops.
The Drop Guard pricing system is designed to allow Drupal shops to earn recurring revenue with Drupal update services and deliver additional value to their clients

Why Drop Guard is faster and more secure

Drop Guard monitors security updates around the clock. With a scalable cloud backend, Drop Guard can initiate as many update procedures as necessary to update all your sites at the same time. Critical security issues such as Drupalgeddon are fixed within 4 hours of an update’s release. This allows you to guarantee your clients quick update response times and continuous security for their business-critical Drupal sites.

Additional value for your clients

With Drop Guard you can offer your clients many additional benefits – with less risk and expense to you:

  1. Guaranteed service levels for Drupal updates
  2. Automated monitoring of updates, particularly for security-related updates
  3. Security update services 24/7 – irrespective of your Drupal shop's working hours!

Our additional service for your Drupal shop

Our goal is to save you time and to help you deliver more service while spending less. As a Drupal shop, you get free on-boarding for all your sites and free support configuring the Drop Guard service.
Personal support for setting up and integrating Drop Guard into your development and deployment environment is free for Drupal shops.

Minimum requirements

There are only a few prerequisites for using Drop Guard:

  • The code must be committed to a GIT repository
  • You must have a deployment (CI) system running
  • You must have access to your GIT repository's user management
  • You must have access to the Drupal site's admin interface

Want to learn more or have a question? Contact us via for a personal demo or get your Drop Guard account and see for yourself!